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Marriage and Family Therapist in the Bay Area
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Marriage and Family Therapy FAQ's - Individuals and Couples - Berkeley, Bay Area


What is your fee?

I offer comparable fees for the San Francisco Bay that will be discussed during our initial phone consultation. 

How long does each session last?

Psychotherapy sessions generally last for 50 minutes. Typically, clients come to therapy a minimum of one time per week and many come more frequently. It is also possible to schedule sessions that are longer than 50 minutes, particularly for couples.

What is a MFT?

“Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT’s) are licensed mental health professionals who work with individuals; couples whether or not married; families of all types; and groups to cure or relieve mental, emotional, and relational concerns of all kinds.  MFT’s work in a variety of settings throughout California and the rest of the country providing mental health services, as well as provide services in independent practice.  MFT’s have minimally acquired two-year masters degrees, 3,000 hours of supervised experience, and have passed two rigorous exams.” Source:

How long will I be in therapy?

There is no typical or normal amount of time to be in therapy. The length of therapy depends on the individual and their goals. You retain the right to make the choice when to end therapy.