Bay Area MFT
Marriage and Family Therapist in the Bay Area
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Marriage and Family Therapy- Individuals and Couples - Berkeley, Bay Area


Each individual enters therapy with their own goals and questions to address. Together we can be curious to explore and discover what makes you unique.  Through understanding yourself better, we can work towards helping you build self-acceptance and to press your learning edges to create desired changes.  Having a healthy relationship with yourself is a great place to start being able to have healthier relationships with others.  

 Some of the questions I help individuals work on include:

  • Struggles with depression and/or anxiety
  • Increasing Self Esteem and understanding its origins
  • Learning how to find one’s voice and feel more confident with being assertive
  • Working through grief and loss whether it’s recent or from the past
  • Gain clarity about past or current life choices and life transitions
  • Issues with infertility
  • Ambivalence with having children
  • Co-parenting
  • Infidelity
  • Traditional verses non-traditional relationships
  • Family conflict
  • Sexuality/Intimacy
  • Substance use and/or abuse
  • Addictions
  • Dealing with the impact of childhood abuse
  • Trust
  • Ending a Relationship
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries and Co-Dependency